Welcome to Mango Tree Jewelry Ltd. In Mango Tree we design and make all the products you can see on the website and more, completely by ourselves. We would love to work with local marketers from all over the world and we are happy to offer them an especially worthwhile program for buying wholesales.

We offer all our clients an introductory program with the products, in which you can order a minimum of 5 units from each model at 50% of the consumer cost as a trial. 

How do I buy wholesales with Mango Tree?

First, we would love to get to know you via our website, Facebook page, Skype conversation, WhatApp or any other possible way>>> We would love to know in what platform are you going to sell our products (internet, stores, markets, etc.)>>> Chose the wholesales program that suits you>>> sign a contract and our products, along with the store's protocols and a contract are on their way and will be at your service within 20 business days.

We have a pricelist for wholesales that is classified according to the primary purchase- the more you buy, the lesser you pay per item.

A classifies pricelist:

Wholesale price

Quantity per model

  58% Percent of the consumer cost


  55% Percent of the consumer cost


  50% Percent of the consumer cost


  50% Percent of the consumer cost


  45% Percent of the consumer's cost

More than 50


In case you choose to market in certain websites or others, we invite you join the Affiliate Marketing program so you can earn the most from the sale. In addition, selling in physical selling points gives you much more flexibility with the price for consumer, so you can sell and be the guarantee of the product in any sum you see fit.

Copyrights- All of our products are marked in one way or another on the product and you also have the option to use our product bags in the sale.

No consignment contracts

If you feel like spreading beauty in the world, we are here to help you! Leave your details here and we'll get back to you.