Mango Tree's Concessioners

Mango Tree Jewelry Ltd. is happy to expend in Israel and abroad! You can become one of the store's concessioners and open a sell point everywhere in the world. The store has a nice, easy-to-join program that would enable you to open your own Mango Tree branch within three months of signing the contract.

Mango Tree's concessioners would enjoy a close accompanying all through the founding period, including training employees and directors in the main branch and having an office that will be available you for all intents and purposes. Each branch will have a unique collaborated business plan that will include the location, target audience and future employees of the branch.

The chain store has a book of protocols and instructions for the new concessioner that will answer all of your questions and will be used as a "User guide and Instructions" in any subject; establishing the business, taking on professionals as partners, monthly suppliers, recruitment and training, stock and professional knowledge in the field.

Why you should be a Mango Tree Concessioner:

  1. Because we are gorgeous.
  2. Because our product sells, it looks amazing and you can make a big profit out of it.
  3. Because we've got your back.
  4. Because you have a very clear book of protocols that is easy to use and understand.
  5. Because we are already an established, well-known brand.
  6. Because we did most of the work for you.
  7. Because Mango Tree accompanies its concessioners since day one, according to their needs.
  8. Because the chain store only collects royalties after the concessioner makes a profit.

Things you should know before starting this sweet adventure:

  1. We've got your back! Mango Tree will not charge royalties until you will make a respectful earning.
  2. The concessioner is an independent company for all intents and purposes. You must open a limited liability company in the tax authorities and be acquainted with the tax laws that apply to you in Israel.
  3. An Initial investment for the opening the business and receiving the stock is required, in accordance with the size of the property but not lower than NIS 250,000.
  4. The first period of establishing the business might take more than three months, according to the conditions of the location, in which case a period of expenses without income has to be taken into consideration (except the period of employees' training that shall take place at the main branch).
  5. At the first stage of the test-run it is possible to work in a *limited consignation method, for a predefined period that is accepted by both parties, in which the stock will be provided to the retailer for a predetermined cost.  
  6. We work with people. What is most important to us is that it will be a pleasant, nice, win-win situation for all of the parties. We are here to spread beauty and love in the world, come and join us with this purpose.

* limited consignation- everything that is sold and has a record in the registry is paid in retrospect (at the end of a retail month) and in addition, we do an inventory at the end of the quarter, in which any missing inventory shall be at the expense of the concessioner.

We only make gains if you do first

If you are interested in hearing more details, you are welcome to contact us in the following box and we'll get back to you to coordinate an introductory meeting.