Jan 04, 2017

The Freedom of Style

Meet the Butterfly- Do you know the earring backs made for stud earrings? You know how it sometimes seems so useless and weak, and it feels like we are going to lose our earrings every second?! For this you have butterfly earrings safety backs! The butterfly earring safety back is designed especially for us to strengthen it! All you have to do is to squeeze its wings to one another and it gives it the strength to be as good as new! Never throw away weak butterfly earring backs anymore.

הכירו את הפרפר

Did you hear the click? When it comes to hoop earrings that are closed with a click or gypsy earrings as we like to call them, it sometimes seems like the earring is broken because we can't close it anymore, but it's not true! The fact of the matter is that with hoop earrings all you have to do in order to fix the closing, is to gently pick up the post (the part of the earring that enters the earlobe hole) so you could find the location of the click. How to prevent this situation to begin with? When you put on hoop earrings that are closed with a click - stop pressing the earring once you hear the click.

שמעת את הקליק?

The ring doesn't fit? Try the second hand, our stronger hand is always bigger than our weaker one, so if a ring is too big or too small, you can always try it on your other hand and enjoy it just as much!

גדול עליך?

Handle with care! Here's a way to open Helix earrings that you probably didn't use before: you push one of the earring's end up and the other one down, just like a spring, instead of pushing each end to the side, like an open flat hoop. This way, you preserve the shape of the circle instead of twisting it. To close it, you have to repeat the process in reverse: go over the closing point just a bit, narrow the hoop more than usual (and not in the proper closing spot) and then put it in the proper closing spot, so it will stay strong and round forever!

נגעת נשאת?!

There are no taboos! Are you still fixed with the rule that says that gold goes with gold and silver with silver? Your emancipation is just around the corner! The easy, simple decision is waiting for you in your heart- it doesn’t matter what you usually wear, when putting on jewelries, you have to check how much they makes you happy and if they do, just wear them all together, with no restrictions. It turns out pretty nice when you combine silver and gold together and also other substances.

לא טאבו!

Less is more- You don't need an Eiffel tower on your finger for your ring to be noticeable. In Mango Tree, we like fine, clean, minimalistic and gentle designs, sweet jewels full with meaning and love. Our jewels are fun, comfortable, light and are made for daily use, but at the same time they are gorgeous and majestic. Their minimal design, makes it possible to wear more of them, so less is more, and with that in your mind you can gain a new and stunning look every day.

less is more

Having a pajamas party all by yourself? Even though we recommend staying with the jewels on you and enjoy them all the time, if you want to take your bracelet off you can always put it back on all by yourself, with the following trick: take a clip, straighten the outer snail and thread it to the loop, hold the clip in its longer part, bind the bracelet on your hand and then just close it with your other hand. The following picture will explicate it:

As good as new- gold-plated jewelries lose their color with time and use, especially with rings that are exposed all day to work done with your hands. But ladies- no fear! You can always renew the plating (you can do in each of our selling points and we also give you a one year warranty for it), and your jewel will be as good as new! The silver gems are also renewable, we offer the miraculous silver cloth that polishes and shines your silver ornaments.

כמו חדש!

Loosen up! We don't recommend wearing heavy earrings for a long period, they make your holes bigger and worse, and they can even rip your earlobe... The beauty is hidden in light earrings, and by the way- there are also large earrings that are light-weight. Don’t damage your beautiful ears!

אל תהיי כבדה!

One of a kind- If you dreamt it, we can make it real. If you want a unique jewel, which is only yours, in a custom-made design for you- Just picture it, and we will provide it with great love! Mango Tree is a specialist for designing and creating custom-made jewels.

one of a kind

every piece is unique just like you